What We Do

We design and manufacture electronic control products for use in agriculture. Founded in 1994, we have extensive experience with electronic design and farm equipment. This combination of expertise allows us to make the best use of the latest technology, while ensuring that our products are practical and reliable for every day use in farming operations.

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2016 Seed World INSIDER

Greentronics was at the Manitoba Potato Production days. We had the opportunity to show off our new RiteTrace system while we were there. Watch the video below to hear a little more about it.

From the Floor – Greentronics

Welcome to Greentronics!

Sprayer Boom Height
Yield Monitor for Vegetable Harvesters
Automatic Tilt Controller




Wonderful. The booms simply follow the contours in the field. Offers great basic functionality. After a while you wonder how you got along without it.

John Vandenberghe Montague, PEI MS sprayer with 90ft booms